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BIRT Designer provides reporting and data visualization functionality that allows developers to build information content into their applications quickly. It includes drag-and-drop features for designing reports and charting data.

BIRT Designer equips developers with everything they need to access data sources; transform, integrate and apply business logic to data; and secure, filter, format and present the resulting reports to users.

The Open Source version of BIRT includes the following functions and features:

  • Familiar and easy Eclipse-based IDE

    BIRT Designer can be installed as full Eclipse environment or as a plug-in to an existing Eclipse installation.
  • Extensible data access

    Actuate contributed the Open Data Access (ODA) framework to the Eclipse Data Tools Project, ensuring a uniform, yet extensible method for defining and accessing data sources.
  • Data integration

    Integrate data from multiple data sources easily within a design, even Hadoop and other big data sources.
  • Programmability

    Any BIRT content can be extended and enhanced with Java and JavaScript
  • Flexible design and presentation

    Drag and drop construction interface.

  • Component libraries

    Save and reuse designs and design components to improve application manageability
  • Easy Integration

    Intended to be embedded, BIRT includes API’s for data access, chart generation and output formats as well as content execution and placement within larger applications.
  • Internationalization

    Eclipse, and therefore BIRT, support a global community.

For additional information, please visit the BIRT Developer Center