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Actuate offers commercial BIRT products that extend the open source capabilities in areas of data management, interactivity, dashboards, analytics and scalable deployment options for web and mobile BIRT applications.

Actuate products are compatible with content developed in BIRT Designer. Actuate BIRT Designer Professional shares all the features of the BIRT Designer, and adds hundreds of HTML5-powered charts, gadgets and maps; commercial data drivers; a metadata layer, impact analysis; and cube design and caching features for creating interactive and analytic content.

Understand the differences between BIRT Designer and Actuate commercial products with this comparison.

Content designed in BIRT Designer Professional can be secured and published to the BIRT iHub as

  • Enterprise-integrated metadata
  • Intelligently cached in-memory cubes and data sets
  • Document-based data sources
  • Interactive dashboard widgets and canvases
  • Ad-hoc report design templates for BIRT Studio
  • Dynamic content consumed in Interactive Viewer and the crosstab editor

All of which can be deployed instantly to hundreds of thousands, or even millions of users

BIRT Designer Professional adds the following capabilities to the Eclipse Open Source

Animated visualizations, gadgets and maps
  • Charting and graphing can be dynamic and interactive with the inclusion of a huge HTML5 charting library
  • Over 200 geographic maps that can be color coded and linked to underlying data
  • Dashboard widgets such as thermometers, gauges, spark lines and bullet charts
  • Dashboard KPI and widget creation
BIRT content publishing, security and execution
  • One click publishing to BIRT iHub and/or BIRT onDemand for instant delivery as dashboards, ad-hoc query templates, mobile or interactive reports.
  • Page-Level Security is an effective way to manage report scalability by generating a single-server side document that includes security rules for each recipient, offering significant performance, security and maintenance advantages.
  • Application-style packaging of pre-built BIRT applications simplifying deployment and sharing of collections of BIRT designs and templates.
Data modeling

The data modeler included in BIRT Designer Professional is a visual development perspective used to create metadata objects and BIRT data objects that represent controlled, business user-appropriate views of data to be included in BIRT content. It creates metadata objects that pull in and integrate real-time data from multiple heterogeneous data sources, even Big Data sources. It also defines how data sets are linked, cached, navigated and aggregated prior to being visualized.

Deploy BIRT content to BIRT iHub

BIRT iHub not only hosts the BIRT engine and its data services, but also provides additional administrative services for your project, application or enterprise. These include: content scheduling and distribution, document management, usage logging, alerts and subscriptions, security, high availability, multi-tenancy, performance tuning, elastic clustering, and the extensible portal that delivers the dashboards, interactive and mobile content to users.