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Solving Tough Business Problems is a Team Effort

BIRT has seen a tremendous amount of momentum, with over 12 million downloads in just the last few years, and an estimated 2 ½ million strong developer base. The widespread use of BIRT has created new business opportunities for independent software vendors, systems integrators, consultants, technology providers and resellers.

If you would like to expand your revenue stream by tapping into the business opportunities afforded by the broad adoption of BIRT, you have come to the right place.

BIRT iHub is unrivalled by other analytics solutions in terms of performance, speed on large volumes of data, analytic and personalization capabilities, and the overall cost savings it brings to organizations in terms of improved productivity.

Actuate Resellers help ensure the rapid delivery and deployment of personalized analytic and Customer Communications Management applications through their value added domain expertise, geographic coverage, and/or industry expertise. Customers can choose to make their Actuate procurement through Resellers in addition to implementation of consulting services when offered.

Actuate’s value-added resellers support:
  • Business Intelligence, reporting and data visualization and personalized analytics across large volumes of data in all industries, departments and subject areas
  • Electronic Statement and Invoice Presentment, Electronic Bill Payment and Presentment, Electronic Content Management and Print Automation.
  • Electronic document solutions including composition, imaging, archiving, printing, distribution and electronic delivery.
Members of our Reseller program receive:
  • Opportunities to participate in special events
  • Proactive promotion of your products and services to Actuate's customer base and the BIRT community
  • Access to increased sales and marketing programs, technical assistance and software

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Reseller Partners

European Countries (Germany)

EITCO is a full-services company for business and IT process optimization. With the concept "Clever change a running system”, EITCO develops software solutions that configure operating processes more effectively, especially in the public sector, manufacturing and financial services.

Copenhagen (Denmark), Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Your partner for BIRT and eSpreadsheet in Scandinavia and the BeNeLux countries.




Advanced AnalytiX is an IT consulting firm founded in 2006 in Moscow, Russia. With more than 10 years of experience in areas like BI (Business Intelligence) and budgeting, their portfolio includes more than 30 tailor-made specific solutions that provided significant added value to companies of different sectors in Russia. Their unique implementation methodology makes it possible for organizations to minimize risks and significantly improve efficiency.


analayzIT is a company with more tan five years experience in providing services and solutions on data analysis, testing and continuous monitoring for fields such as Audit, Regulation Compliance, Internal Control, Corporate Risk and Fraud Detection. With headquarters in Madrid (Spain), analayzIT offers its customers immediate solutions through scalable tools at top level.

China and United States

BIS Consulting, with offices in the USA and China, specializes in providing end-to-end business intelligence solutions to its clients.

United States

With headquarters in Boston and various offices throughout the US (Chicago, Orlando and Phoenix) and Philippines (Manila), BIS3 was established a decade prior and founded by expert BI practitioners with proven track records for successful DW and BI implementations. BIS3 has consulted to leading organizations in various industries, including AAA, Comcast, ESPN, John Hancock Financials, lexisNexis, Staples or Time Warner.


BIWARES, with eight years of experience specializing in BI and EPM projects, is still evolving and adding new products to its portfolio of solutions and services for customers in Latin America. By making WEB 2.0 part of its solutions, BIWARES is seeking to provide its customers with an accurate and increasingly more efficient vision for smart data analysis that overcomes the limitations of conventional BI.


BPD Solutions is a leader in EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) solutions with a presence throughout Latin America. Through its offices in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, it offers consulting, training, technical support and implementation of business intelligence analytics solutions, financial applications (planning, budgeting, scorecarding, etc.) and data integration. The company’s professionalism and experience acquired over nearly two decades combined with the leadership of the software products it represents enables it to deliver comprehensive solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding corporate projects.


Business Partners eXcellence is a consulting company which supports enterprises in improving management processes by efficient implementations of IT solutions. The key BPX employees have a broad implementation knowledge acquired in enterprises which are active in varied fields and specificities. Its main customers are BPX large and medium companies.


The company specializes in business and management applications based on the Internet and delivers unique and global solutions that include the deployment, maintenance and exploitation of the supporting infrastructures.


CPM Factory is consultancy company specialized in Business Intelligence and corporate performance management. Founded in 2011 and based in Hilversum, The Netherlands, CPM Factory has a team of consultants with more than 15 years of experience in using Business Intelligence software for creating Information Management systems. Their experience and professionalism is endorsed by clients from different sectors like retail, telecom, utilities, industry, healthcare and finance.


The goal of CTI consultants is to provide a professional service based on the quality and efficiency through a personalized, allow the user to see the CTI as a technology partner. To ensure the quality of service provided, CTI has the proven experience of their consultants through their participation in major projects and communications systems made in the Northwest area, in the course of recent years.The goal of CTI consultants is to provide a professional service based on the quality and efficiency through a personalized, allow the user to see the CTI as a technology partner.To ensure the quality of service provided, CTI has the proven experience of their consultants through their participation in major projects and communications systems made in the Northwest area, in the course of recent years.


We are a consulting company on Information Technology and we provide a range of services and high value-added solutions. Our professional team has over 15 years experience in the fields of industry, finance, telecommunications and public sector.


eBSEG is one of the leading providers of e-business solutions in the Middle East and a major outsourcing players in the world.

United States

Endowance Solutions’ proven best practices, experienced consultants, and commitment to excellence reduce the risk when implementing a new solution for our customers. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, all its consultants have a business background and have worked in their field of expertise for over 10 years.


By combining keen business consulting and a deep understanding of the inner workings of the market segments, the company serves its customers with a world-class base of technology products and their strategic implementation.


Founded in 1988, Etika Consultores has always developed consultancy in the pharma and health sectors in Chile and in various Latin American and European countries. In the IT area, Etika has created two important solutions for the pharma industry: Etika Performans©, that is currently spread throughout Latin America and Spain, and more recently Etika Performans Explora©, which was launched in Chile and will be introduced in the rest of the region and also in Spain in the very near future. Among its customers are main international Pharma Companies, as well as most part of Chilean companies operating in the sector.


Exisoft is a leader in application integration and business process management (BPM) based on SOA technology. Supported by technology Quiteria Dynamic Web Data, a global provider of Business Intelligence 2.0 in Latin America based in offices in Argentina. The focus of this division is to provide a BI solution to dynamic analysis of operational, they can respond more quickly to unplanned questions.


Headquartered in Mexico D.F., Grupo Demos counts on more than 20 years of experience in the marketing and promotion of products and integrated IT services within the national market.


INFA Partner has more than 10 years of experience in Data Management field. As an software distributor for Czech and Slovak Republic, INFA Partner has successfully helped its clients to get as much as possible from their BIG DATA. Among its customers are major Czech and Slovak Banks, Telcos and Governmental organizations.


Insight Objects Inc. is not just an IT shop, nor is it a pure business consulting firm. They are a partner in the enterprise information analysis arena. In a nutshell, they create “organizational heightened levels of business awareness” by converting very large volumes of raw data into business insight. Based in Toronto, Canada, for more than 10 years, Insight Object’s area of influence has been mainly focused on the Wealth Management and Investment Services space, and they look forward to expand into other areas such as Health Services, Government, and Education.


Switzerland-based firm specialized in full-service business and technology consultancy that will lead Quiterian in its entrance in the market of Central Europe.

Argentina and Chile

Interop is a company with offices in Argentina and Chile and a network of business partners in all Latinamerica. Interop renders services on consultancy and computing solutions to more than 500 top-level customers in the region. Both its experience of more than 10 years in the market and Interop’s professional team (ACL Services, Thomsonreuters-Paisley and OpenText-Hummingbird distributor) provides Interop with the support and knowledge needed to back its customers in all matters related to data anlysis, integration, frauds detection, continuous monitoring solutions and business intelligence.


With headquarters in Panama, IT People Inc. offers its customers portfolio consultancy in Business Intelligence, Project Management, BPM Processes, Systems Audit, Outsourcing, Continuity Business Plan and Innovative Technological Solutions. IT People Inc. counts on various-year experience in various industries, such as financials, manufacturing, distribution, services, health, government and real estate.

Costa Rica

Founded in 2002, Itecsa is a company with 8 years of experience in the implementation of solutions that bring value and more productivity to the business of enterprises, from the control and management perspective. Itecsa counts on headquarter in Costa Rica and spreads its area of influence to all Central America.

United States

Kalvin Business Solutions specializes in building datawarehousing and Business Intelligence Solutions to meet client needs. The company, which is headquartered in the US, counts on broad experience in designing, deploying, configuring, customizing and managing out-of-the-box solutions and BI infrastructures to solve day-to-day operational issues.


Ladder Consulting is a leading firm in Public Performance Management in Africa. With 11 years experience in high level management consulting, Our vision is to mainstream the discipline of performance management in Africa through Measurements , Data Analytic s and BI platforms. Head quartered in Nairobi Kenya we are centrally located and are able to bring together management and IT to create unique public performance solutions to any part of Africa.


Company specialized in Business Intelligence and Analytical Excellence, a concept based on natural step for companies seeking a competitive advantage for their managers. Leega has 15 years’ professional experience and is highly referenced by their customers, exponents of the market.

United States

Marlabs is a provider of innovative software and BPO services that improve operational efficiency and help customers gain competitive advantage. As a trusted partner, Marlabs has consistently delivered winning results for clients, which has led to exponential growth and multiple accolades. The company has been repeatedly recognized by Deloitte & Touche in their Fast 50 and Fast 500 programs. After being named to the prestigious Inc. 500 list for five consecutive years, Marlabs was the sole inductee into the Inc. 500 Hall of Fame in 2006. Marlabs has been featured as one of the “best places to work in NJ” among large firms.


Maven is a strategic and technology consultancy specializing in Business Intelligence with headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal.


MINERAL MIDRANGE is a software consultancy that provides Corporate Performance Management solutions for all sectors in the European and international market. Founded in 1998 and with headquarter in Poland, MINERAL MIDRANGE supports its European and worldwide customers in Business Intelligence, Enterprise Planning, and Financial Consolidation, among other areas.

United States

mLogica is a specialized Systems Integrator founded by senior managers from leading technology organizations. mLogica focuses on Analytic solutions that put advanced analytical and predictive techniques into practice, intuitively and simply, in order to obtain high-value business insights. We enable companies to speed up the strategic decisions making, gain self-sufficiency and improve their capability to anticipate. mLogica's Analytics on Demand Platform offers companies a way to increase capacity or add capabilities without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing expensive hardware or software.


Nase Ltda is a company which delivers comprehensive business intelligence solutions that add value to its customers’ business processes.

United States

Founded in 2009, Nexus BI is an ambitious Professional Services firm that specializes in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Their specialization extends to Data Modeling, All Major Database Platforms and BI Reporting tools, and Project Management. With years of experience in all of these areas they have successfully lead many Fortune 500 companies with their requirements.

South Africa

Olrac SPS was founded in 2001 and is a certified IBM Advanced Business Partner offering advanced analytical solutions globally. The group has achieved market penetration through the delivery of analytical software solutions that are integrated within Business environments to provide insight to support decision making. Their clients include a broad spectrum of industries including: telecommunications, banking, finance, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, higher education, government, and market research.


With headquarters in Moscow, PBC Management is a business consulting firm created in 2002 whose members are an international team of experts in areas like business strategy, business model development, and generation of long-term competitive advantages. PBC Management specializes on searching and deploying innovative management solutions aimed to increase business value, improve operational efficiency and profit, all based on long-term business competitive advantages.

United States and Venezuela

Proximity is a consultant on Information Technologies with vast experience in Business Consulting. Specializing in offering tailor-made solutions that fit its customers’ needs and the markets where they operate too, the solutions developed by Proximity include Web Security and email, Mobility (mobile services and/or email) and Business Intelligence. Proximity’s headquarters are located in Miami, but the company has also offices in Venezuela and Panama.


China Aviation Industry Supply and Marketing Huabei Corporation is a state-owned organization with 60 years of business experience. In order to increase the presence of Quiterian in the Chinese market, the company merged with Beijing Stats Data Mining Co., the former exclusive distributor of SPSS in mainland of China, who has an extensive VARs network in the advanced analytics area. Headquartered in Singapore, China Aviation Industry Supply and Marketing Huabei Corporation is Quiterian's master reseller for China that will develop and increase Quiterian Advanced Analytics presence in the Asian country.


RODIO CONSULTING belongs to the Group of Companies Mountain & Tech. Co., with influence in the whole Latin America and headquarters in Tampa, in the state of Florida, US. Focused on consultancy services around Planning, Budgeting and Business Management, it counts on a staff of professionals in management consultancy, specializing in spear-point technologies.


RS is a company that, since its foundation in 1995, has been involved in software development tasks, working especially for companies from the automotive industry. In 2002, RS opens a new business unit related to market investigation and marketing, at the time in the technology area, it enters the Business Intelligence field, developing projects for the automotive and banking sectors.


We transform technology into concepts, services and solutions that offer companies and public institutions true value. We bring to bear resources, skills and attitudes to provide advisory, system integration and outsourcing services in a range of business areas. Our know-how meets the precise needs of more than 300 customers in four sectors: Government, Energy and Industry, Banking and Insurance and Telecommunications and Media.

United States

Scalable Systems is a global software consulting with a core competency in Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Data Management and Scalable Systems, which specializes in software consultancy, development and outsourcing. Scalable Systems provides both offshore and onshore software solutions and integration services to mid-size to fortune 500 clients to develop and optimize robust, cost effective data warehousing and business intelligence systems which maximize their return on investment.


With 25 years of experience in the data management, ScoringData offers to customers and partners the best of bridges solutions to improve they business now and tomorrow. From the data extraction (CDC/ETL) to the predictive analysis (datamining), through the data Quality Management (DQM) and governance (MDM), ScoringData is able to deliver a high value proposition for the business. A weak TCO (Total Cost of Property), a best ROI (return of Investment), innovative softwares and a weak learning curve are the common points of the ScoringData's offers.


Steeri helps companies to improve their business by effective use of customer data. We are an experienced CRM and Business Intelligence partner with modern customer dialog tools as well as MDM and data integration expertise.


Stratware systems is an integrated company in the Orberá GROUP dedicated to the realization and implementation of strategic software, designed to support the management of strategic processes in organizations. consists of highly experienced professionals both in front of business users of software, consulting and process improvement and software development.

India and United States

Systech Solutions, Inc. Leader in Business Intelligence services, it provides business solutions focused on the customer. Founded in 1993 with headquarters in Los Angeles, it has grown internationally through offices in the USA and India.


Engineers is a company Teccon Services Information Technologies and Communication, whose main objective is: "To meet demand seamlessly Solutions Organization and Incorporation of New Technologies in the Enterprise" Based on total commitment and identification with the client, Teccon offers solutions with global responsibility (design, implementation, maintenance and evolution) for the ICT demands of enterprises.


TRUMAXX, founded in Lisbon in 2002, has extensive experience in implementing and marketing solutions within the Business Intelligence market. His team, composed of experts in information technology, and its flagship customer experience both public and private sector, make TRUMAXX a Quiteria strategic partner in Portugal.

United Arab Emirates

Veyron Software was formed in 2012 with a new vision to start a company which can answer client's demands on spot, deliver answers with a new way of communications, it's a lifestyle which we bring to our customers and partners where boundaries don't exist, our limit is not the sky, it's the client demands. We are the DATA Experts. All what we do is within the data space. We Conduct a high level consultancy on your data. We perform outstanding services and we provide customized support. The company is specialized in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Analytics and Cost Reduction Optimization solutions. Veyron partnered with the best in the world to integrate a unique platform to serve clients in the region. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with offices in Beirut, Lebanon and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we are able to reach our clients much easier with world-class support in Beirut to all Middle Eastern customers.

United Kingdom

Vocal Planet Ltd is a boutique consultancy with more than 12 years of experience in Business Intelligence and Analytics, where it has carried out more than 100 implementations. VPT develops and provides end-to-end evaluation, strategic planning, and implementation services, or any parts of that chain. This includes reviewing, advising and assisting with internal Data projects; whether it’s defining needs, work in progress, or seeking successful conclusion.