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Does your company think big analytics can only be accomplished by expert statisticians or data scientists? Most might think big analytics is insurmountable for business users, but it doesn’t have to be. At Actuate, the leader in big data analytics, we provide integrated business intelligence solutions to tackle any data challenge, supporting easy management of virtually all structured or unstructured data. With Actuate’s commercial suite of application development software and personalized analytics tools, business users perform real-time data mining from multiple sources to generate stunning data visualizations, analytical dashboards, easy-to-understand scorecard solutions, user-friendly ad hoc reports, sales management, customer-facing analytics, customer communications management, and more.

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Delivering unparalleled big data management, Actuate future-proofed its cutting-edge development platform to meet today’s market demands for personalized business analytics. Data can come from virtually any source—logs, social networks, sentiment analysis, packets and network data, internet traffic, print streams, and document archives, etc.—and Actuate created BIRT iHub, a cloud analytics server, to handle large amounts of data simultaneously (even before the term big data hit the tech industry). Actuate’s iHub Content Services delivers millions of documents to people, ensuring that users receive high volumes of data when needed.

To learn more about how BIRT iHub (the workhorse of all servers!) scales to millions of users, read our benchmark paper detailing the performance results.

Think Big Data Analytics: Think BIRT Analytics

BIRT Analytics quickly loads big data, turns it into consumer insight, and makes it immediately available for analysis through an intuitive web browser-based interface.
  • High Performance, Fast Results

    BIRT Analytics turns raw data into personalized business insights quickly and effectively without IT assistance.
  • Real-Time Visual Data Mining

    With an easy drag-and-drop user interface, BIRT Analytics users can explore data sets, perform set analysis, discover correlations, and profile or segment customers in a highly visual application.
  • Predictive Analytics

    Features valuable forward-looking tools to understand market patterns such as predictive time-series, decision-tree, association rules, next best offer, market basket analysis, and more.
  • Big Data Integration

    Seamlessly integrate Apache Hadoop, social networking, web statistics, demographics, and corporate data.
  • Fastest Data Loading and Prep

    Load billions of records and make big data available for analysis faster than any other analytics solution. Take advantage of scaling techniques, including: linear, normalization, logistic, softmax scaling, and text-to-numeric category remapping.
  • Broad Distribution

    The BIRT platform expedites broad distribution and organization-wide sharing of BIRT Analytics content: personalized business insights that feed KPIs, dashboards, reports, customer communications, and mobile content.

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BIRT iHub for Big Data

With BIRT products, it is “easier to build customized operational or analytical dashboards for large data volumes.”
Julien Mathis, Co-founder and CTO of MERETHIS.

BIRT iHub Visualization of big data

Does your organization think big data analytics is too complicated for everyday users in the office? How do businesses store and process all that data? Actuate created BIRT iHub to help organizations access big data in any format and provide users with unprecedented control over it. BIRT iHub helps organizations access big data in any format and provides users with unprecedented control over it. Instead of incurring the costs of owning and maintaining data warehouses, business organizations apply BIRT iHub’s easy-to-use cloud analytics to gain improved insights from multiple data sources instantaneously. Moreover, BIRT iHub users enjoy the reliability of powerful cloud analytics available through any web browser or smart mobile device. For more information, please visit BIRT iHub or download the BIRT iHub Data Sheet.

Solutions for Industries

Industries ranging from banking to manufacturing engage in a variety of big data projects by deploying BIRT software and Actuate applications. At Actuate, we do not think big analytics should hinder performance or goals, so we provide efficient, cost-effective solutions that are easily customizable for everyday business users and suit virtually any need across diverse industries.

Sales and Marketing
Human Resources and Operations
  • Mobile Telecom integrates Actuate and Hadoop for data access and analytics

Technology Partners

Actuate has partnered with the following leading technology companies to meet storage volume requirements, provide seamless integration of software, and deliver analytics for big data deployments:


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