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BIRT Drives the Open Source BI Movement

Actuate Corporation’s open source success story started in 2004 with the founding of the BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) open source project with the Eclipse Foundation, home of the Eclipse Development Framework. According to Forrester Research, (The Forrester Wave™: Open Source Business Intelligence [BI]) “… as BIRT is part of the Eclipse project, Actuate BIRT is also highly attractive to developers using Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).”

Learn more about how BIRT is expanding its influence as a leader and innovator in the open source BI space:

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of BIRT as a leading open source BI vendor.

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BIRT is the most rapidly growing BI technology available today due to its scalability, performance, reliability, ease of use, available cloud architecture and mobile deployment options.

Open source BIRT provides developers with a toolbox designed to integrate with nearly any existing deployment or as a standalone solution to the increasing demand for flexible, agile BI:

ActuateOne® extends the functionality of BIRT open source with a unified suite of commercial products for rapidly developing and deploying BIRT-based custom business intelligence applications and information applications. Applications built with ActuateOne provide one user experience regardless of task or skill level; are supported by one server for any deployment including cloud and are built with one BIRT design that can access and integrate any data source—including high-volume print streams. ActuateOne adds rich data visualizations, including interactivity, dashboards, analytics, and deployment options to Web and BIRT mobile applications, helping organizations drive revenue through higher customer satisfaction and improved operational performance.