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Deploy on a Dime

Install iServer Express and run existing BIRT and e.Spreadsheet reports in under an hour.

iServer Express provides BIRT and e.Spreadsheet reports generation and delivery to multiple users—securely and on a schedule—and paves the path for an easy and secure upgrade to the iServer Enterprise platform , growing server capacity as required by the growth of the business.
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Introducing ActuateOne

ActuateOne® fulfills the vision that Actuate has had since the inception of BIRT: to redefine the Business Intelligence category by moving away from a set of disparate tools to a suite of integrated capabilities within a single environment. ActuateOne is recognition of a single common architecture for development and deployment, utilizing one design, one server and a seamless unified end-user experience that meets the dynamically changing needs of information consumers.

ActuateOne products' common interface and common report design make it possible to work across the organization with minimal effort. The product suite is engineered for rapidly developing and deploying custom BI applications and rich information applications that leverage BIRT, a leading open source Eclipse project founded and co-led by Actuate. BIRT is the premier development environment for presenting data to users from multiple, disparate data sources in compelling visualizations.

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ActuateOne Testimonials

"The requirement to make information more available and analytics easier to generate has increased the demand for technology that can bridge across IT and business. ActuateOne brings new innovation in the simplicity of assembly of information and analytics that make Business Intelligence and Information applications more effective for businesses to consume and generate through its sophistication in areas like open source, scalability and mobility."
– Mark Smith, CEO and EVP Research at Ventana Research

“Since ActuateOne’s launch, we’ve been building and testing cloud-deployed business intelligence using BIRT onDemand for MTInsight. We could not be more pleased with our software selection and having Actuate as a strategic partner going forward.
– Dave Edstrom, Director for the Office of Strategic Innovation, AMT

ActuateOne Features

ActuateOne provides enhancements that allow users to continue to connect, compare, chart, collaborate, integrate,migrate, design and print, but with additional flexibility and power:
  • Improved mobile experience with HTML5 support includes animated graphics, available on ANY mobile device, including iOS devices
  • Charting and graphing enhancements with new HTML5 charting library that augments Adobe ® Flash® objects for rich visualizations
  • Big data support with new Hadoop™ data access connector (via Hive environment) and support for SFDC and DBDC connectors
  • Improved cloud support for SaaS implementations with multi-account, multi-tenancy; vendors can have multiple customers which have sub customers
  • Impact analysis to preview effect of changes in advance of permanently altering a report
  • Database support for standard RDBMS, adding to previous Postgres support Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and DB2
  • New administration scripts make it easier for admins to run the various server admin tools
  • Support for Interactive Viewer features on mobile devices
  • Improved delivery through Information Console; no native client required
  • Browser access from any mobile device
  • Encyclopedia metadata support for IBM DB2 v9.7 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Support for large number of volumes
  • Direct deployment from BIRT Designer Pro
  • Enhanced BIRT engine for integrated, 64-bit, in-memory analysis
  • New analytics tools with multiple ways to deliver analysis capabilities to users
  • New dashboard/mashboard application
  • Fully functional, live Excel© export
  • e.Reports data connector that leverages e.Report documents as data sources
  • Improved charting includes support for radar charts that enable multiple series to be rendered, allowing for easy comparison of related data.
  • New JSAPI classes provide seamless integration of BIRT 360 dashboards into existing web applications
  • Quick Report Wizard makes it easier for business users to design new reports
  • Enhanced administration of BIRT iServer with encyclopedia tools that help migrate encyclopedia metadata from the standard PostgreSQL database to another PostgreSQL database or supported third-party relational database management system.
  • Support for new third party products includes the latest editions of Adobe Acrobat, Google Chrome and Safari.
  • Advanced Function Print (AFP) export allows export from BIRT documents to the compact AFP file format, facilitating storing and printing BIRT-based documents.
  • BIRT 360 dashboard print support enables business users to print snapshots of their dashboards and collaborate with other users.
  • Cloud ready, with elastic clustering and provisioning for uninterrupted service

One Design. One Platform. One User Experience.

Applications built with ActuateOne provide users with one user experience regardless of task, tool or skill level; are supported by one platform with a set of services to support any deployment and are built with one design using BIRT. ActuateOne provides organizations with a quick time to market and the ability to grow with success. Learn about ActuateOne products and events.