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Xenos Products and Services

Xenos delivers enterprise-class output management. Our technology creates business advantages and promotes cost reduction by managing the capture, storage, repurposing and delivery of our customers’ high-volume print and electronic documents'

Xenos Output Management capabilities are delivered on the Xenos Enterprise Server (ES) framework. Xenos ES combines a powerful business process management engine with a rich palette of configurable components and prebuilt adaptors within a single java based application. Xenos ES provides solutions for both traditional batch print as well as transactional multi-channel electronic document output management. .

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Output Management

Beyond the Printed Statement: The Evolution of Enterprise Output Management (EOM).

Explore the evolution of Enterprise Output Management for High-Volume Transactional Output (HVTO) from the early high-volume printers and document composition systems; to modern-day automation and ECM.

Article: The Evolution of EOM 

Xenos Enterprise Server 3.0

Technical Overview - Xenos ES
Business Overview - Xenos ES

Xenos Enterprise Server (ES) provides both Document and Data Transformation Services that enable enterprises to lower operational costs and complexity and improve customer service.

ECM Migration

ECM Archive Migration
Mobius Archive Migration

Xenos Enterprise Server enables organizations to consolidate multiple IDARS/ECM repositories and convert legacy content from many disparate formats to contemporary systems.


Document Transformation 
Data Transformation

Transform and repurpose print stream, PDF and image formats.