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The BIRT Document Accessibility Appliance is revolutionizing the way organizations address PDF document accessibility to meet regulatory requirements. A self-contained VM solution, it is easy to use, easy to deploy, and delivers accessible output that complies with WCAG 2.0 Conformance Level AA standards. The BIRT Document Accessibility Appliance is the only print stream and PDF remediation software solution on the market that automates the remediation of complex transactional statements for batch or real-time applications.

White Papers

PDF Document Accessibility: Regulations, Risks and Solutions for Compliance 

Co-authored with the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), this white paper explores the best practices for organizations that wish to provide their visually impaired customers with access to information in electronic formats.

The Hidden World of PDF Accessibility 

This white paper provides an overview of PDF accessibility, detailing the current legislation, challenges in meeting legal requirements, and the solutions available.

Case Studies

Global Bank Chooses Actuate's PDF Accessibility Solution 

When a Fortune 500 company, with 45 million customers worldwide, chose to meet the needs of its visually impaired customers, it turned to Actuate for an unparalleled solution. Read the case study to learn more about the benefits Actuate was able to provide.



BIRT Powerdocs creates professional, high-volume transactional statements and personalized customer correspondence in batch or real-time. A familiar Microsoft design environment offers unrivaled functionality and simplifies the creation of statements, letters, email, faxes, and SMS texts. Certified CRM and ERP adaptors promote effortless integration with Salesforce®, SAP®, Siebel®, Oracle®, and Sugar CRM®. With built-in eSignature functionality, there's no need to purchase third-party applications. BIRT Analytics simplifies customer segmentations and exposes business insight that is used to interact with customers on a personalized level.

White Papers

Generating Documents in the Cloud

This white paper explains the advantages of the BIRT PowerDocs product responsible for generating and storing documents in the cloud. Actuate is able to provide personalized written customer communications regardless of the channel being used.

Business Overview

Actuate Customer Correspondence

This business overview details the complete customer correspondence suite offered by Actuate. Learn about the powerful features and key bottom-line benefits offered by this solution.


BIRT Repository stores high-volume transactional documents such as financial statements and customer bills to meet regulatory requirements, improve information availability, and promote online document presentment. BIRT Repository is an enterprise-class archive that minimizes storage size, integrates easily with back-office applications and web portals, and offers unmatched document search and retrieval performance. Integration with corporate authentication schemes is standard and security profiles limit document access. Administrative and client interfaces are intuitive, audit capabilities are verbose, and operational reports provide statistical information on storage allocation and document usage.

White Papers

How to recognize When Archiving Has Become a Problem

This white paper explains why organizations are driven to modernize their archive systems, identifies the signs of an aging system, and suggests decision-making criteria for major upgrades. The paper concludes with several success stories, detailing Actuate’s capabilities.

Case Studies

Repository and e-Presentment Provider for Major Telco Company

This case study describes the challenges faced by an $81B telecommunications company, with over 100 million customer accounts. It highlights the benefits that set the Actuate solution apart, including improved online self-service, resulting in higher ROI.


BIRT Document Transform is the highest performing, most accurate, and easily deployed print stream and PDF document transformation engine on the market today. A unique graphical design environment simplifies the development and deployment of complex transformation projects. Actuate Field Technology allows designers to extract content from print streams or PDF documents into structured formats.
BIRT Data Transform simplifies the extraction and integration of data from relational databases and structured formats. It validates and translates data according to business rules for use in document composition, data warehousing, and enterprise application integration.

Case Studies

Actuate Creates Interactive Billing Environment for Telco and Postal Service Partnership

When challenged with improving online billing services functionality and reducing the volume of printed bills, a telecommunications giant, along with its postal service partner, turned to Actuate for a solution. The solution needed to be fast, work through firewalls with minimal service interruption, provide small file sizes and work with different formats.


Accuracy and Performance in a Large-Scale Credit Card Transaction Extraction Project

Imagine the challenge the largest bank holding company in the US faced when they were required to extract 10 years of credit card transaction data. They turned to Actuate to process 250 million documents in under 90 days while maintaining an accuracy rate above 95%.

  ECM Migration

The Actuate Content Services team has redefined ECM Migration as an automated and auditable software-driven solution. Users can extract documents and metadata from legacy systems and load them into modern corporate archives, ECMs, and repositories with complete confidence. The Actuate DETAIL™ methodology combines technology, experience, and expertise to ensure a rapid, economical, and, most importantly, successful migration experience.

White Papers

Best Practices in ECM Document Migration

This white paper outlines the challenges and best practices of migrating content to and from Enterprise Content Management systems. It explores the various factors involved, including: Discovery, Extraction, Transformation, Auditing, Indexing and Loading.

Case Studies

Actuate Ensures Secure Migration of a Bank's Customer Data

When a top ten US bank acquired another large company, it turned to Actuate to migrate over 20 million archived documents from one content management system to another, in a short 3-month period.