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BIRT Analytics

BIRT Analytics is a Visual data mining and predictive analytics tool that put statistician’s power in the hands of business users for identifying customer insights within the organization.

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BIRT Designers

BIRT Designers are being used by more than 3M developers to present data from disparate data sources in compelling visualizations.

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BIRT iHub, Runtime and Viewer

BIRT iHub is the deployment platform for all BIRT content and powers the Visualization Suite of Dashboards, Statements and Interactive, Ad-hoc and mobile content. It is available for on-premise and in the cloud.

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BIRT Designers

BIRT Designer ProNew Release

The BIRT Designer Pro extends the capabilities of the eclipse open source BIRT designer by adding hundreds of HTML5-powered charts, gadgets and maps; commercial data drivers; a metadata layer, impact analysis; and cube design and caching features for creating interactive and analytic content.

BIRT Designer

BIRT Designer is an open source eclipse based designer that equips developers with everything they need to access data sources; transform, integrate and apply business logic to data; secure, filter, format and present the resulting reports to users.

BIRT iHub and Runtime

BIRT iHub 3New Release

BIRT Runtime

BIRT Viewer Toolkit