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New York City Transit Authority Transforms Route Performance Using BIRT for Better Data Visualization and More Transparent Information

New York City Transit Authority

“In addition to internal users, we report to the public, and they’re mostly concerned with how to improve service. Now we can troubleshoot and understand any problems with service, and take action right away.”

– Alla Reddy, Senior Director, System Data and Research, NYCT

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Business Profile

The Operations Planning department of the New York City Transit Authority, the largest metropolitan rail network in North America.


  • Use data more effectively to drive performance improvements, distributing information to enhance operations

  • Plug into multiple data sources for a full picture of transit needs, integrating millions of data points cost effectively

  • Distribute data on a daily basis in a format that’s easy to access, enabling customized and flexible reporting


Actuate BIRT integrated with Google Maps and MongoDB, branded as ORCA


  • Better decision making through data visualization and analysis that empowers employees to improve service performance

  • Integrated, flexible development creates cost savings, increased transparency, improved access to data and reports

  • Greater responsiveness to performance issues along transit routes, for more satisfied users and riders

NYCT Case Study image
A real-time dashboard displays bunching of buses over time, giving NYCT operations planners drill-down information detail to help them dynamically modify transit schedules in order to keep buses on time and more evenly dispersed.