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BIRT Empowers New Print Quality Management System with Analytics to Deliver “True Colors” and Consistent Consumer Package Graphics

Phototype Case Study

“Within five months, we went from not having enough of what clients want to having way more than they thought
they’d ever get.”

– Gary Russell, Vice President of New Product Development, Phototype

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Business Profile

Packaging graphics and brand management solutions for consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies


  • Offer robust project management capabilities, enable clients to view real-time data on print supply chain status

  • Create a visually engaging and actionable tool that leverages graphics

  • Keep client data secure while ensuring accessibility

Phototype Case Study image
A client dashboard displays statistics that illustrate how a specific printer is performing.


Actuate BIRT integrated within the company’s BizIQ solution, powered by BIRT iHub with interactivity and dashboards


  • Visibility for customers to track real-time brand and printing data, supplier quality

  • Customizable, secure and personalized customer portals

  • Rapid development with easy integration of data sources

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