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ActuateOne for Customer Communications Management (CCM) is a holistic solution that manages high volume customer communications for the enterprise. It delivers an integrated solution for enterprises to design, process, store and deliver customer communications without the need to glue together disparate applications. With ActuateOne for CCM, organizations are able to aggregate customer data for campaign analysis, create targeted customer communications, meet regulatory archival requirements and deliver the communications to customers on their desired channels, whether it’s through mail or digital channels such as online and mobile devices.

ActuateOne for CCM gives customers the flexibility to integrate individual components within their existing infrastructures or to deploy the complete solution to manage the end to end process of enterprise customer communications, including:

Data Acquisition and Analytics
Build Market Driven and Customer Targeted Strategies

Delivering the right marketing messages to relevant customers is the key to successful marketing campaigns. ActuateOne for CCM brings Actuate BIRT’s industry leading analytics to customer communications management, enabling organizations to create market driven strategies through the analysis of customer data. AcutateOne for CCM enables organizations to identify market specific insights and create targeted communications. Communications can be defined to insert directed trans-promo, next best actions and targeted marketing messages tailored to each targeted customer segment.

Document Composition
Compose and Create Targeted Customer Communications

Creating customer communications is easy with ActuateOne for CCM. It takes raw data from varying data sources and creates targeted and personalized customer communications for both modern interactive and traditional print delivery. Through the use of definable templates, ActuateOne for CCM enables organizations to quickly create customer communications with organizational branding, customer data and marketing messages. With ActuateOne for CCM, organizations can also dynamically create targeted communications for different customer segments.

Document Processing and Transformation
Automate and Manage Customer Communications

As the amount of customer communications grows within an organization, so does the complexity in the processes involved in managing the disparate systems and applications. ActuateOne for CCM manages the end to end communications process, from data acquisition to analysis, composition, archive and delivery to end consumers for print and electronic consumption. It also automates the process for communicating with storage archives by extracting data for metadata indexes and enabling transactional data for seamlessly search and retrieval. With the ability to define and automate business processes, ActuateOne for CCM gives administrators the ability to control, log and audit the entire communications process.

Electronic Archiving
Securely Store Customer Communications

One of the many challenges faced by today’s IT teams is the ability to store documents for numerous business purposes, ranging from business analytics to online presentment to regulatory compliance. ActuateOne for CCM provides the capabilities to store efficient search and retrieval, and enable the retention and disposition to satisfy industry specific regulatory requirements. With its built-in system audit, logging and reports, ActuateOne for CCM provides a 360◦ view of the system, letting administrators identify potential concerns before they become problems and performance bottlenecks.

Multi-channel Delivery
Delivering Content Where it’s Needed, When it’s Needed

ActuateOne for CCM enables organizations to easily provide customer communications across multiple delivery channels. It facilities secure internal and external access of customer communications, enabling organizations to efficiently deliver content to internal users and online to external end customers. With ActuateOne for CCM’s ability to leverage a single design composition, only a single format is required to enable delivery for print, web, mobile and touch enabled devices.

Portal Technology
Enrich Customer Facing Applications

Companies are realizing that information stored in internal systems is useful to customers outside the organization. Information such as insurance policies, service specifications and billing details can all be beneficial to enriching an application’s customer experience. ActuateOne for CCM connects customer facing applications with relevant content to increase functionality. This solution delivers communications in traditional static formats like PDFs for simple statement review, as well as interactive formats that allows users to aggregate, manipulate and graph data directly within the customer facing application.

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