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The Challenge

When one financial services organization acquires another, there are statements that need to be migrated accurately and efficiently so that customers do not experience a drop in service and can continue to access their historical information. When the bank in question is a Fortune 500 company and one of the most widely recognized brands in the United States, they need to choose the right solution that will ensure everything is accomplished on deadline and without hiccup in order to maintain customers’ trust and respect.

The Solution

Actuate's Document Transformation is the reliable and efficient document transformation services component of the Enterprise Server. Brought on board after a Fortune 500 acquisition, TS4docs was tasked with migrating content from IBM Content Manager (CM) at one bank to IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) at another. PDF documents also had to be transformed into AFP print streams, a task that included:

  • Re-packaging and re-indexing the documents to conform to new indexing standards
  • Flattening and consolidating individual PDF statements to minimize AFP storage requirements
  • Consolidating and converting PDF resources into AFP equivalents
  • Correlating font names

Actuate's Document Transformation was chosen for this particular job because of its clear differentiations over other toolsets; Actuate was also seen as a “consultative expert”, with a defined migration strategy and a history of success. The solution was able to utilize existing extraction processes, and altogether transform a total of 20 million archived documents over three months, as well as deliver an ongoing total of 22 batches (containing 50,000 documents each) per month, and an additional 150,000 documents for the quarter-end cycle.

The migration had to be executed within a three-month window and Actuate was able to do so on schedule, transferring document load packages between the two previously unconnected organizations. The Actuate solution packaged AFP resources and CMOD indexes; CM archive information was also extracted and integrated with existing load processes on CMOD, and new account numbers were provided as index values. Actuate also audited and maintained control over the documents, ensuring data could be tracked along the way.

The Benefits

By the time the bank initiated its online statement application, 18 months worth of content was available online through the company’s ePresentment tool. Actuate then continued to process remaining historical archives over the next six months, ensuring that all documents were in line with company protocols, and accessible as needed.