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Xenos Group’s enterprise output management technology manages the capture, storage, repurposing and delivery of high-volume print and electronic documents. Delivered through the Xenos Enterprise Server, it offers significant benefits to customers, who can cut costs and create a more efficient business environment.

The Challenge

A United Kingdom-based customer – one of the largest global providers of pensions, investments and protection, with offices across the globe and over 40 million customers worldwide – sought out a solution that would replace its custom-made legacy system, which was quickly becoming obsolete. The company needed a solution that would bridge the gap between that and more flexible, scalable IT channels – something that was also easier to upgrade and maintain. The solution they chose would need to keep up with their data needs – 800 to 1,000 transactions per day on average, with a peak of up to 4,000 transactions per day – while leveraging their existing IT investments, all without requiring a company-wide, all-encompassing IT change.

The Solution

After examining other solutions the company chose the Xenos Enterprise Server, impressed by its flexible and customized integration. It was selected to work alongside EMC xPression and a Graphical User Interface (GUI), which allowed for a rapid design and build using pre-built adapters and business logic transformation components. Together, these solutions gave the financial services organization the ability to provide rich, customized information to its customers and financial advisor partners, through both batch and ad-hoc output. Financial information is not only printed and delivered out to customers, but is also available on-demand online for a more efficient, responsive business model. Multiple jobs are processed at the same time, for extensive savings on both cost and time, but a full audit trail is still available – a must for the company.

The Benefits

Today, Xenos solutions are used for output management, to deliver personalized business communications across distribution channels, and for the rapid design and build of business logic transformation components – all of which reduces the need to create an assortment of custom solutions along the way. Everybody is better served, and the company itself is more efficient and effective as a result.