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The Challenge

A home mortgage specialist needs to be able to access data quickly in order to stay on top of the marketplace, a fact that’s especially true for one of the largest loan originators in the world and the fastest-growing mortgage company in North America. When that organization – the mortgage division of a major American corporation – wanted to make itself more nimble, it started by overhauling its entire content repository framework.

The company set about modernizing its document framework, moving away from an in-house written system that was proving inflexible and unable to grow at the pace required. They knew they needed a way to respond to the market faster, and hoped to resolve issues around downtime during funding, the most critical timeframe for the mortgage company. Since the supporting staff for their existing PanX server had left the company, they knew it was a good time to introduce something new.

What they needed:

  • A single framework with process-driven management
  • Real-time and batch acquisition from multiple sources
  • Extensive error logging to the file or database
  • High-speed load and rollback into IBM’s FileNet P8 platform
  • High-volume document ingestion loading and extraction
  • High-volume document identification and routing
  • Validation of document types
  • Validation of metadata
  • Batch extraction of files and transformation from TIFF to PDF for export to partners and companies that may buy mortgage portfolios
  • Accommodate 1,500 custom-coded specs and a commercial Open Text Summarizer (OTS) with five graphically built process flows and zero coding

Finally, the organization needed all of that in a pre-built solution with standard components, which could work alongside a Dell Linux server running at 38 to 72 CPU cores at any given time, along with Oracle databases containing metadata and the FileNet P8 repository.

The Solution

The Xenos Enterprise Server was chosen for the job largely for its speed and flexibility. The Xenos server is able to convert PDF to TIFF, TIFF to PDF, PCL to TIFF, and MS Office and JPEG to PDF or TIFF, and has proven a more efficient option than the company’s previous solution, processing two million documents per day, with an average of four pages per document.

The Benefits

In this case, Xenos helped to drastically improve performance on retrieval and presentment, working in conjunction with the existing IBM AIX server and Systemware database to enhance the company’s outward offerings. Today, Xenos Output Management is used across all of the company’s commercial and personal accounts, in 100 countries worldwide.