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The Challenge

A leading-edge financial services group wanted to update its archive, looking for something that would allow them to view their clients’ entire book of business.

The Indiana-based company – which provides a full suite of products and services in the retirement income security market – required storage capabilities of 2TB for one year, as well as retention and disposition capabilities. Furthermore, they needed the new archive to accommodate 600-page bundles and quarterly runs, with functionality that would allow it to be used for individual annuities and bookmarking PDFs by account number. The tool they chose also had to be able to alleviate their existing problems with slow load times, and needed to integrate auto zipping and an index based on an AFP trigger with Tagged Logical Element (TLE) fields.

The Solution

Xenos Repository was the clear solution. While the company in question had been using a homegrown portal – to which they’d added logging and emails – it clearly wasn’t meeting their needs. Actuate’s Xenos Group, which had an existing relationship with the organization, was chosen and has since allowed them to cut their load time by over two-thirds, while combining one bundle with multiple products for each agent. The Xenos Repository works alongside the company’s NetApp database and AIX-pSeries server for batch usage.

The Benefits

The Xenos Repository has successfully proven itself by handling bundling requirements and allowing bookmarking, while also indexing based on TLE and meeting the company’s speed requirements – cutting the archiving process down from 18 to six hours.