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What’s the best solution when a world-class credit card company wants to transform its AFP print stream on demand to presentable PDF files?

The Challenge

Processing millions of transactions daily, a New York-based credit card company with worldwide reach – one of the best-known brands in the business – needed a solution that would help provide more accessible statement information online to its credit card customers. The team in charge of the task was searching for a solution that would increase its performance on retrieval and presentment, transforming AFP archive documents to PDFs. The task involved several challenges: there were a number of varied portals for presenting financial account information, including credit cards worldwide; as well, check images in various languages – covering all of the regions the company covered – had to be inserted into the PDFs. Finally, the tool chosen had to be robust enough to handle many millions of transformations daily.

The Solution

To take on this task, the company considered several solutions, but ultimately chose Xenos Output Management, by Actuate’s Xenos Group – because of its superior performance. Xenos’ output management capabilities are provided within the Xenos Enterprise Server framework, delivering documents online and reducing document storage needs, while modernizing distribution channels and online presentment through rich interactive content visualization and mobile delivery.

The Benefits

In this case, Xenos helped to drastically improve performance on retrieval and presentment, working in conjunction with the existing IBM AIX server and Systemware database to enhance the company’s outward offerings. Today, Xenos Output Management is used across all of the company’s commercial and personal accounts, in 100 countries worldwide.