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The Challenge

A global financial services firm – with operations in over 60 countries – needed a way to consolidate views online for customer service representatives and customer statement presentment. At the same time, it hoped to remove its dependency on outsourced statement archiving. To achieve this, the organization – a leader in investment banking and financial services – went in search of a solution that would normalize print streams for all statements into a common AFP, while breaking up stacked AFP files and transforming statements into a variety of formats. Those formats were dependent on the requesting channel, and included PNG, PDF, HTML and AFP with resource versioning.

The Solution

Xenos Document Transformation, delivered through the Xenos Enterprise Server, was chosen for the job. Offered by Actuate’s Xenos Group the solution transforms and repurposes high-volume print stream documents into electronic formats. The global corporation in question was impressed by the consistency it offered over the other options considered, which included IBM.

The Benefits

Xenos Document Transformation was able to meet the company’s stringent demands as they moved from a Solaris operating system to IBM AIX, and integrated with Oracle to transfer to an IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) database. The company suffered with silos of disparate statement archives in isolated, incompatible document formats that they needed to consolidate and standardize.

They also required a system that would keep up with a transformation time of less than 500 milliseconds; with 40 transactions per second and 3,000 transactions in a four-hour window. Xenos Document Transformation loaded 2.5 million pages per hour, with an average transformation time of 149 milliseconds, sustaining 40 transactions per second and 1,449,664 transactions in a four-hour window –proving it was more than up to the task.