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The Challenge

Huge data demands, paired with the need to continue with business as usual without any drops in performance, can make it difficult for large companies to switch mid-stream from one technology application to another, even when potential efficiencies and cost savings have been recognized. So when a Fortune 500 company – one of the largest insurance providers in the United States – decides to do just that, they need the right solution for the job, to ensure that nothing goes wrong.

In this case, the goal was to migrate content from IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) to Mobius, in order to reduce licensing and infrastructure costs. The project required a solution that could unlock an archive containing 2.2 terabytes of PDF statements, while reducing storage requirements and accomplishing a PDF to AFP print stream transformation.

The Solution

Xenos Document Transformation was chosen to take on the task, because it could effectively unlock PDF archives in CMOD and move required content from one solution to the other. The solution read and processed the CMOD archive files and transferred them to 3,480 tapes on the company’s mainframe, flattening multiple PDF files into a single document and removing duplicate PDF resources. It consolidated content and split files by date to create Mobius load packages, generating AFPs with TLEs and AFP resource bundles. The entire project was done remotely, using the company’s hardware to ensure secure access; an MVS FTP – via Job Control Language files – helped push and pull the files from the migration server.

The Benefits

In the end, Xenos technology reduced the company’s storage footprint by 78 percent, to 484 megabytes. Not only that, but the global corporation was able to decommission IBM CMOD completely – a first for the organization.