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The Challenge

When a leading credit reference agency needed help providing outsourced financial and billing services for their clients, they turned to Xenos Group, a division of Actuate. The Xenos infoWEB solution, along with Xenos Document Transformation was chosen to handle the company’s electronic statement presentment, report distribution and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes, as well as the web delivery, notification and viewing of client invoices.

As the company re-architected its billing solution, they wanted a solution that would allow them to deliver information to clients quickly and proactively. In the credit industry, documentation is key and needs to be readily accessible to clients; in this example, 700 documents are produced daily and the solution they selected needed to be able to keep up. In the past, the company produced and printed their invoices from their back office system both at month-end and on a daily ad-hoc basis; the new system needed to replace that, allowing customers the ability to view invoices online in support of their CRM architecture.

“Accomplishing migration when you have accumulated over ten years of electronic archives is a daunting task. From the very start, we realized we wanted a document transformation solution to manage the multitude of formats that we have. We wanted to automate the process to deploy the new system as fast as possible with the lowest risk,” says a project manager at the organization. To prove itself up to the task, the solution chosen needed to meet a long list of criteria. It would need to:

  • Make the invoices available for viewing over the Internet, with drill-down capabilities to supporting transactions
  • Email invoices, as attachments, internally to divisional inboxes
  • Provide email notifications that include transmission of the actual invoice
  • Produce invoice details in a variety of formats, to be delivered by CD and other magnetic media
  • Allow customers to request that their invoice details be forwarded through other methods (such as CD, paper copy, etc.)

But that wasn’t it. The company also needed a solution that could be easily integrated with their new web-access control systems, which govern security and clients’ access to the company’s front-end production systems. In addition, the tool chosen had to be able to hold invoices, memoranda, backing sheets and statements for both the current month and five previous months, and it needed to be able to navigate between the various levels of invoices and associated information within the customer’s access permissions.

The Solution

Xenos infoWEB, alongside Xenos Document Transformation was chosen over an internal tool because together they provided a comprehensive Java-based solution capable of transforming many distinct structured and unstructured formats. infoWEB provides secure report management, distribution and online presentment, optimizing the flow of information across an enterprise and beyond – all in a manner that’s centrally managed and cost effective – while TS4docs is the document transformation services component of the Xenos Enterprise Server.

The company liked that the Xenos solution could integrate easily with eSeries – their existing front-end system – and was secure and compatible with existing security tools and processes, so that sensitive data could remain secure. Xenos also promised to streamline their manual processes and shorten the delivery times of invoices, while allowing them to bring solutions managed externally back in house, for better control over the billing process. Marketing could also deliver additional messaging along with their invoices, saving money on marketing outreach.

The Benefits

In less than six months, the solution was able to successfully migrate archived data from the company’s Report Management solution with eiStream’s COLD system (today Global 360) to the IRIS RM5 Document Management System based on EMC Documentum. The company now had the capacity to manage high volumes of documents in record time, introduce highly secure access to content, and enhance client service. They have a flexible Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that’s adapted to the web, as well as simplified archiving – and it’s all proven cost effective and offered gains in productivity besides.

Today, documents at the company are generated in a Xerox Metacode format on the mainframe, and then batch processes launch Xenos to transform, index and load documents into ECM Documentum. Alongside Xenos, EMC Retention Policy Services (RPS) was implemented and a series of automated operations were introduced, including: copying files from WORM optical media to magnetic file system; decompressing text files; and extracting indexes in XML format and converting them to PDFs to load into the EMC Documentum archive. “Thanks to Xenos, we’ve improved and accelerated our workflow. With easier access to the archived documents they need, our staff can better devote themselves to serving our clientele,” says the project manager.