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The Challenge

When a Swiss financial services institution – a leading global wealth manager, global investment banking and securities firm, and one of the largest asset managers in the world – wanted a repository that could handle storage for 43 million client statements Xenos Repository was the solution of choice. They needed a tool that could achieve both on-the-fly and batch transformations as the company moved further away from its existing docHarbor archive to standardize within IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD).

The Solution

While docHarbor maintained a presence due to licensing issues, and IBM waWhile docHarbor maintained a presence due to licensing issues, and IBM was considered for the job, the company ultimately chose Xenos for its repository needs because of their understanding of the CMOD environment, as well as the architecture and requirements of the project. The Xenos Repository handles transformations into and out of CMOD, indexing AFP print streams and storing them for 13 months, thus reducing the company’s need to retrieve content directly from CMOD. It provides fast presentment for recent data and breaks up stacked files into individual document objects, transforming formats as required, extracting additional indexing information directly from the content during processing, and inserting new backer pages as needed. Over four million documents, averaging 10 pages each, are transferred once a month within a designated five-hour window.

The Benefits

Once implemented, the project was able to successfully reduce the company’s concurrent external user fees for CMOD. A total of 60 to 80 AFP files are processed every month, containing batches of 50,000 statements (for a maximum of 500,000 pages each). Xenos stores approximately 43 million documents at any given time, keeping them for the 13-month period required and making them available for fast, online viewing during that time. During peak times, 25,000 documents are accessed per hour, or approximately 400 per minute. AFP documents are converted to encrypted PDF files during retrieval, with optional backer pages appended; retrievals can also request multiple documents combined into a single PDF. After the 13-month timeframe is over, documents are still stored in CMOD for seven years or more and can be accessed internally through the same Xenos Repository APIs.