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Personalized Content for All Users

BIRT Interactive Viewer allows every user to personalize their BIRT content based on task and need. Users who are not familiar or comfortable with traditional reporting tools are able to use BIRT Interactive Viewer within moments of being introduced to its intuitive interface—immediately reducing their dependence on IT.

Creates independence and self-service

  • Allows virtually anyone to access, personalize and customize BIRT content without affecting the underlying data.

  • Gives users immediate access to information and an immediate return for their efforts, in effect teaching them how to use business intelligence tools.

  • Shifts IT focus from reacting to user requests to higher-level priorities.

  • Shortens cycles between initial content delivery and ongoing iteration.

  • Integrates interactive BIRT content anywhere using the JavaScript API.

  • Facilitates IT control as developers determine which viewing features are exposed to users

What can users do?

BIRT Interactive Viewer lets users modify and personalize their report views. This allows one report design to serve more users because it does not need to conform to any one structure, reducing the overall number of reports that need to be created. This in turn reduces system load, improves performance and increases user satisfaction and adoption of the software, in turn improving ROI.
  • Allows users to prototype their next requirement request, making changes easier and faster

  • Requires fewer report designs for specialty cases, because end users can modify their personal views

  • Reduces the version management burden on IT while usage of the reports remains high

  • Decreases the learning curve, because users are able to work immediately with the intuitive interface

BIRT Interactive Viewer adds additional functionality to the Actuate BIRT Viewer.

  • Add aggregation to a report column

  • Add computed columns

  • Add page breaks in a report

  • Apply conditions and format data strings

  • Hide or show report items

  • Modify charts, Flash charts, graphs and gadgets

  • Modify text attributes and alignment

  • Move, hide, show, and delete columns

  • Save a modified report design or report

  • Sort, filter, and group report data

  • Undo and redo tasks