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BIRT iHub supports applications that require massive volumes of business information be simultaneously delivered rapidly and reliably to hundreds of thousands or even millions of users. BIRT iHub meets this need with:

The BIRT iHub architecture can scale in the cloud to support massive workloads and user volumes eliminating administrative burdens during deployment, with:


Actuate BIRT iHub is cloud ready and cloud compatible, providing automatic elastic clustering with dynamic provisioning. An iHub cloud deployment can be implemented by any organization in a private cloud, a hybrid cloud or a public cloud.

  • In a private cloud, the organization utilizes its own infrastructure, organizing and optimizing its capacity to provide content to users.
  • In a hybrid cloud, the organization hosts part of its services on site, and contracts with a provider for offsite services; for example, an online retail store might host its own services on site for 11 months of the year, but transfer those services to a cloud provider during the busy month of December.
  • In a public cloud, an organization outsources its server service, “renting” the infrastructure required to run its applications.

The BIRT iHub provides organizations with the ability to create a stateless image, which can be added or removed from an installation as demand grows or subsides; this stateless image is what is deployed in a cloud. The power of the image is that it lets the application respond to varying degrees of demand.

  • Automatically adds or removes nodes from an iHub cluster.
  • Adds or deletes nodes without powering up or down, preventing service interruptions and facilitating 24/7 uptime
  • Provides multi-account and multi-tenancy services; a vendor can have multiple customers that can in turn have sub customers
  • Provides vendor and account-specific instance clustering; iHub can be configured to adapt to a growing customer base
  • Supports and manages thousands of volumes in an environment

Benefits of this configuration include:

VMWare Ready

BIRT iHub has also achieved VMware Ready™ status, and when used with VMware vSphere, the iHub can be deployed in production in a cloud environment with built-in security and role-based access control. This joint solution delivers three unique capabilities to the enterprise.