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Metrics Management Option for BIRT Dashboards delivers award-winning user driven discovery, analysis, and performance improvement at all levels in an organization. Powered by BIRT iHub and available on-premise and in the cloud, Metrics Management Option fixes the problems associated with systems that typically produce disconnected silos of information by delivering multiple options through a single, unified user experience characterized by ease of use, unmatched scalability, reliability and time to value. Enhanced collaborative capabilities for effective management of initiatives and communication of qualitative information related to organizational performance.

Metrics Management Option offers:

Discover: Metrics Management Dashboards provide users with the all the functionality needed to create any kind of dashboard with minimal training. Advanced pre-built KPI visualizations include: scorecards, strategy maps, cause and effect maps, briefing books and hierarchical KPI views.

Analyze: Metrics Management Dashboards provide users with the ability to easily analyze any data using simple drag-and-drop analysis features - powered by BIRT. The 100% Excel export capabilities can be used to further slice and dice data and perform ‘what-if’ analysis.

Improve: Metrics Management Dashboards help any organization transform, align and automate siloed, operationally focused plans and objectives into a unified strategy, which can be instantly cascaded and communicated enterprise-wide.