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The BIRT iHub Visualization Platform powers, integrates, and manages BIRT Analytics Applications and BIRT-based information. Designed specifically to give users more control over their personalized business insights, BIRT iHub transforms complex data seamlessly and effectively into compelling visualizations: graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, and more. With customizable features like dashboards, statements, applications, and interactive reports, the BIRT iHub Visualization Platform is accessible through any Internet browser or by smart mobile devices.

BIRT iHub Dashboards

Designed with effortless, intuitive user interface, BIRT iHub Visualization dashboards are easily personalized and shared.

BIRT Studio Ad Hoc Reports

Efficiently assemble template-based reports for personalized business insights.


The Ten Layers of Security in BIRT iHub

Click here to read more about the security features in BIRT iHub.

The BIRT iHub Visualization Platform empowers users with more control over developing individualized interactive reports, while offering user-friendly, customizable features for improved business analytics.

  • Enjoy interactive features through simple, intuitive user interface.
  • Build, modify, and share customized analytics dashboards.
  • Deploy content conveniently to browsers, mobile devices, and printers from a single desktop application.
  • Work offline in the Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Spend more time on functions that users appreciate (like KPIs) and less time on maintaining infrastructure.
  • Appreciate the application auto-scale feature as well as the application data security that BIRT iHub offers.
  • Create applications that are fun and interactive for end users, which ease user interface and boost user proficiency.

Explore More Options Within the Licensed
BIRT iHub Visualization Platform

BIRT Studio: Ad Hoc Query

Browser user interface (BUI) for creating, modifying, and viewing BIRT content.

BIRT Engine

An open source engine that provides developers the utmost flexibility at no cost.

BIRT Dashboards

Create dashboards and scorecards using BIRT content or other third-party content: other feeds, supplied gadgets from Actuate, or Google Gadgets™.

BIRT Analytics

Powerful business analytics tool that allows any user to perform real-time visual data mining and predictive analytics easily and effectively.