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Big Data Connectivity Your Way: Amazon DynamoDB and ActuateOne

Actuate has created a native connector for Amazon DynamoDB. DynamoDB is designed to address the core problems of database management, and to maximize performance, scalability, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Developers can store and retrieve any amount of data to serve any level of request traffic. The native connector vastly improves the performance of data processing and management processes by leveraging DynamoDB query search and filtering capabilities. With ActuateOne® unique elastic clustering capabilities, the connector allows capacity to be dynamically added or removed from a cluster to handle changing application workload requirements. Native support for DynamoDB’s key features, such as binary data types allows customers to reduce the size of items stored – ultimately lowering the cost of storage and throughput.

The collaboration ensures flexibility for on premises as well as public, private and hybrid cloud deployments of BIRT-based applications.

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