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Kitenga provides industry's first "Big Data" search & analytics platform with integrated information modeling & visualization capabilities- an entirely new kind of insight engine for today's Big Data world.

ZettaVox combines proven next-generation technologies like Hadoop for scalability and performance, Lucene/SOLR search, Mahout machine learning, 3D information modeling, and advanced Natural Language Processing, in a fully integrated, configurable, cloud-enabled software platform that can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

Kitenga: Revolutionary Big Data Insight Engine

Modern connected enterprises have a new imperative: turning massive amounts of diverse information assets into actionable intelligence. This Big Data challenge crosses industries as diverse as financial services, media and publishing, retail, insurance, telecom, advertising, scientific research, legal, life sciences, product development, public utilities and government agencies. In order to stay competitive organizations must figure out ways to:

Kitenga's content mining and analytics solution for enterprises transforms complex and time-consuming manipulation of web-scale data resources into an intuitive easy-to-use process. It replaces the cottage industry of one-off, cobbled-together open source components with a professional solution that enables deployment of an entirely new class of business intelligence applications - in minutes. Kitenga solution enables enterprises to extract and analyze actionable intelligence from massive amounts of diverse i.e., unstructured, semi-structured and structured information, quickly and cost effectively, significantly enhancing their operational agility and competitive advantage.

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