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VoltDB was created to address the ever-increasing need of innovative companies to make faster decisions and gain real-time insights into high velocity data. Big Data applications abound, but they all share the same characteristic of being fed by increasing amounts of high velocity data.

VoltDB, a NewSQL database, is an in-memory, relational SQL database that enables fast decision making and real-time analytics for a new breed of disruptive applications that are seeking to unlock the business impact and value that real-time data delivers.

VoltDB is the ideal solution for high velocity database applications that require 100% accuracy and real-time analytics with solutions such as BIRT.

VoltDB is more than an ultra-fast database. All product distributions come complete with developer productivity tools, sample apps and reference implementations to get your project off the ground quickly. And, pre-packaged images for Amazon EC2 and VMware allow you to try VoltDB without making significant infrastructure investments.

Learn how companies across multiple industries – including the Capital Markets – are benefitting from the Actuate/VoltDB solution.

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United States (Boston, MA)

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