Designing, Publishing and Customizing Spreadsheet Reports

Who Should Attend?
Report Developers

A working knowledge of SQL, and familiarity with HTML and/or XML is recommended for this class


Course Description

This course teaches business users and other report developers to design, run, and deploy Spreadsheet reports for viewing on the web. In a laboratory setting, students learn Spreadsheet reporting concepts and how to use the Spreadsheet Designer wizards to create automated spreadsheet-based reports. Exercises progress from creating simple reports to complex designs using grouping, run-time parameters, and a variety of external data sources. Topics in the course include using automated report formatting, charts, the Data Manager, hyperlinks, the Query Editor, and stored procedures.

Additional topics include use of pivot ranges, field-level security, creating and using macros, accessing multiple data sources for a report and implementing custom functionality in report designs using Java callback classes.

Each student receives a comprehensive course manual that serves as a workbook during class and as a detailed reference guide.


  • Spreadsheet reporting concepts
  • Creating and formatting Spreadsheet reports
  • Using parameters, multiple report ranges and defined names
  • Adding charts and hyperlinks
  • Outlining a report
  • Publishing reports to the web
  • Using pivot ranges
  • Setting up security features
  • Using macros in reports
  • Accessing multiple data sources
  • Programming a report using callback classes