Managing the BIRT iHub System

Who Should Attend?
iHub Server Administrators

Attendance in the Working with BIRT Report Designer class and familiarity with the Microsoft Windows platform and networking concepts is recommended, but not required.


Course Description

This course teaches students to use Actuate's web-based iHub Visualization and System Consoles to manage the iHub reporting systems. The course focuses on the installation, configuration and management of iHub in both standalone server and clustered server configurations. After completing this course, students will be able to schedule report generation, manage reports in a report encyclopedia, manage users, connect to various data sources and backup/restore the Report Encyclopedia.

Each student receives a comprehensive course manual, which functions both as a workbook during class, and as a detailed reference guide once the class is completed.


  • Actuate iHub System architecture overview
  • Installing the iHub
  • Configuring the iHub for standalone and clustered environments
  • Understanding the primary server processes
  • General server administration tasks
  • Working with locales for international reporting
  • Using the iHub logging functions
  • Setting up and administering the Report Encyclopedia's structure and contents
  • Integration using Actuate's Open Security feature
  • Auto-archiving and online backup