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Open Source

The BIRT Viewer freeware application offers the functionality of the open source, free Eclipse BIRT Sample Viewer and adds performance and usability improvements for more demanding BIRT Reports. It presents content more quickly with progressive report viewing and temporary file management, and easily integrates security. This viewer is URL-compatible with the Eclipse BIRT Sample Viewer and can access the same reports.

The BIRT Viewer also runs in the Actuate BIRT iHub environment and can be launched from the Information Console or BIRT Studio. With the BIRT Viewer users can:

  • Scroll a report page

  • View the table of contents

  • Navigate multipage content

  • Export data and content to Microsoft Office
    and PDF formats

  • Link to and print a report or page

  • View HTML5-powered interactive charts and gadgets

For IT, the BIRT Viewer:

BIRT Viewer provides the most basic functionality for users seeking to review information. For additional interactive BIRT content viewing options, please see the other Visualization Suite options.