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Training and Consulting Partners Help Customers Speed Their Time to Value

Open Source BIRT has seen a tremendous amount of momentum, with over 12 million downloads in just the last few years and an estimated 3.5 million strong developer base. The widespread use of BIRT has created new business opportunities for independent software vendors, systems integrators, consultants, technology providers, and resellers.

If you would like to expand your revenue stream by tapping into the business opportunities afforded by the broad adoption of OpenText Actuate Analytics suite of embedded reporting software and customer communications management products, you have come to the right place.

OpenText Analytics works with premier companies to provide training and/or professional consulting services on all of our products for customers.

Our partners are required to remain current on our technology and have access to a broad range of educational programs designed to ensure they do. Our Consulting and Training Partners work closely with the Learning Center, Professional Services, and Customer Support teams to stay up-to-date with relevant product and industry information. The shared investment we make with our Partners in training and continuing education result in their increased productivity and effectiveness when delivering OpenText technology to customers.

Members of our Consulting and Training Partner program receive:
  • Opportunities to participate in special events
  • Proactive promotion of your products and services to OpenText's customer base and the BIRT community
  • Access to increased sales and marketing programs, technical assistance, and software
  • Access on an ongoing basis to Product educational content and documentation

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Training and Consulting Partners