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Personalized Insights and Analytics with BIRT for Hadoop data:
The Actuate and Hortonworks Collaboration

Actuate and Hortonworks have teamed up to enable Big Data visualization and analysis from Hadoop-based data. Hortonworks is an open source software provider that develops, distributes and supports an Apache Hadoop platform for enterprise-grade deployments. Actuate offers advanced visualization and analytics capabilities for Big Data, managed through the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) and Hadoop.

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Get Started with your BIRT/Hortonworks Sandbox

A Virtual Machine for your Big Data/Business Analytics Needs

The BIRT/Hortonworks Sandbox for both the Eclipse open source and commercial versions of BIRT is now available. As a full HDP environment on a virtual machine, the sandbox allows users to start benefiting quickly from Hortonworks’ distribution of Hadoop with BIRT functionality.

As part of its collaboration with Hortonworks, BIRT 4.3.2 release and beyond provides an out-of-the-box ODA to access data directly from the Hadoop platform. The ODA utilizes Hive queries to extract data from Hadoop, pulling those data sets into customizable BIRT-based visualizations that can be used to build visualizations such as charts, dashboards, and scorecards for interactive visualization and analysis. You will need to have Eclipse BIRT already installed to use this driver.

  1. Install BIRT
  2. Download the Hortonworks HDP Sandbox
  3. Review the tutorials below to get a jump-start on the BIRT/Hortonworks Sandbox

Please review the quick tutorials below to try our Sandbox in a matter of minutes!

The following tutorials with videos demonstrates step-by-step how to connect to the BIRT/Hortonworks Sandbox:

Get Started - Tutorial 1: BIRT Connectivity

This tutorial will demonstrate how to configure BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) to access data from the Hortonworks Sandbox and its integrated Hive Server. It is a fairly simple tutorial showing how to download BIRT and the Hortonworks Sandbox, then ensuring connectivity with the ODA you will be done in minutes!

Get Started - Tutorial 2: Developing BIRT Reports

This tutorial will demonstrate how to use BIRT to develop reports to access the Hortonworks Sandbox and its integrated Hive Server. BIRT is an open source Eclipse-based reporting system that integrates with your Java/Java EE application to produce compelling reports. BIRT provides core reporting features such as report layout, data access and scripting.

As part of tutorial 2, we’ve developed a series of short videos to demonstrate creating different parts of a BIRT report (Pie Charts, Tables etc.)

Step 1 – Create BIRT Project, BIRT Report, Data Source and Data Sets
This video has been removed because the BIRT ODA for connecting with Hadoop now comes out-of-the box and a separate ODA download is no longer required. Please review Tutorial 1 above to download BIRT and connect with Hortowworks’s Sandbox in minutes

Step 2 – Designing Page 1 of Report – Narrative Section

Step 3 – Designing Page 1 of Report – Pie Chart

Step 4 – Designing Page 1 of Report – Summary Table

Step 5 – Designing Page 1 of Report – Bar Chart

Step 6 – Designing Remaining Pages of the Report – Detail Table

Step 7 – Viewing Report

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