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Turn Big Data into deep customer knowledge, so you can segment precisely, identify high-value customers, develop and manage successful cross- and upsell campaigns and minimize churn.

By implementing Analytics within your Customer Communications strategy, you can easily reach out to your customers and provide them with compelling and relevant communications, products and services.

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Actuate offers a more complete analytics solution for enterprise business users than any other competing CCM vendor. Our industry-leading capabilities include:

  • High-Performance Loading
    Actuate’s analytics solutions can load high-volume data at a phenomenal 60 GB/hour, exploring billions of records every second.

  • High-Performance Analysis
    Actuate’s analytics solutions can turn high-volume data into valuable insight almost instantaneously, analyzing millions of records every minute.

  • Self-Service Analytics
    Actuate puts powerful, easy-to-use, graphical analytics tools into the hands of non-technical business professionals.   No data scientists or software code required.

  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
    Some vendors offer solutions for either data mining or predictive analytics.  Actuate offers both.

  • Access to More Data Sources
    Actuate’s analytics solutions can pull data from (Actuate and third-party) onsite business systems such as repositories, databases, spreadsheets, ERPs, and CRMs, plus social media websites and cloud-based applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Cheetah Mail.


The business insights derived by analytics tools can add tremendous value to an overall customer communications management solution.

  • Improve customer experience and increase loyalty by suggesting appropriate content for timely, relevant communications.

  • Identify buying patterns and understand customer behavior, drive increased sales through highly targeted up-sell and cross-sell offers.

  • Proactively weed out risky candidates during an approvals process, focusing sales resources on qualified prospects.

Some of the world’s top organizations in financial services, insurance and telecommunications have turned to Actuate for analytics solutions.

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BIRT Analytics

Visual Data Mining and Predictive Analytics for Business Users.

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Actuate offers a complete analytics solution for enterprise business users

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Archived Documents as a Source for Predictive Analytics

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