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IT departments today need to quickly adapt their content infrastructure to address new and ever-changing business demands. They need to feel confident that their systems will scale gracefully to meet the unprecedented performance requirements of today’s corporate applications.

Process Manager is an incredibly powerful and extensible content processing engine. This award-winning software is a key component of BIRT iHub Content Services . Process Manager captures, identifies, routes, stores and delivers structured and unstructured documents and data. It provides the foundation that Global 5000 organizations demand – from high performance and rock solid reliability to graphical business rules definition and configurable end-to-end audit logging.

Content Services Architecture

Content Services Architecture

Operational features of Process Manager include:

Functions of Process manager include:

  • Capture documents and data from a wide variety of input sources.

  • Route content through the system using defined process flows and conditional logic.

  • Process documents and data utilizing over 40 out of the box components including fully integrated data and document transformation.

  • Load documents into IDARS and ECM systems using predefined Actuate or native third-party loaders.

  • Store content directly into Content Services Repository and maintain end-to-end control and audit ability.

  • Search, retrieve, and transform documents on-demand from Actuate and/or third-party ECM Systems for online presentation.

  • Integrate with back office systems and front office applications through an extensive array of application interfaces including full Java API’s and Web Services

Process Manager works in conjunction with the Content Services Process Designer interface. Using Wizards and intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, users are easily able to configure, deploy, administer and monitor virtually every aspect of the Process Manager.


  • Clustering, failover and load-balancing for scalability and high availability.

  • Service and Event scheduling for lights-out operations.

  • Multi-platform support including Windows, AIX, Linux, UNIX, and z/OS as a 100% Java application.

  • Configurable and extendable granular logging that allows control of the amount of detail logged.

  • Secure, reliable, ebXML 2.0 open standards-based data exchange between trading partners using CPA enabling the interoperability across ebXML implementations.

  • Administration and configuration options for both Content Services Process Designer thick-client and the Content Services Administration Console thin-client.

Process Manager features many additional value added capabilities including:

Connects to industry leading IDARS and ECM systems such as:

  • IBM® Content Manager OnDemand

  • IBM® FileNet® P8

  • IBM® FileNet® Image Services

  • EMC® Documentum

Captures content from file directories, Web Services, FTP, Java API, Message Queues, Sockets, and email.

Includes more than 40 value-added processes out-of-the-box for operations:

  • Compression and decompression

  • Routing

  • Communication

  • Application integration

  • Links processes and components  together using a powerful process flow engine that provides error handling functions that can call another process or process flow for notification or corrective action.

  • Configuration Repository to promote collaboration and manage the project lifecycle through the deployment, promotion and versioning of project files and resources.

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