DBTA Roundtable Webcast: Accelerating Your Analytics for Faster Insights

In a recent study conducted over the subscribers of Database Tends and Applications, nearly 50% of organizations polled reported spending too much time finding data to be analyzed - in some cases, it accounted for up to 80% of their projects.  In a similar study, the same number of organizations reported slow query performance was inhibiting their ability to fully leverage their data for business insights.  What does this all add up to?  For many organizations, analytics is still a "hurry up and wait" game, and in today's hyper-competitive economy, that just doesn't cut it.

Join us in this roundtable discussion with Actuate, Cirro, and IBM as we talk about the cutting-edge tools and techniques for speeding up analytics for faster insights. Don't miss the opportunity to hear how other organizations have been able to competitively differentiate themselves by improving the access, performance and productivity of their analytical systems.

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