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Archived BIRT TechTalk: Tools to Make Big Data Analysis Available to Everyone, with Hortonworks and BIRT

Make your Big Data reports shine with visualizations and personalized analytics for anyone on your team.

Join Actuate and Hortonworks for a TechTalk to understand how you can build applications leveraging Big Data with interactive charts, dashboards and scorecards. BIRT and Hortonworks allow you to quickly filter through large amounts of data stored in Hadoop and then, just as quickly, deliver insights about customer behavior and internal processes. 

Impress your customers! Surprise your partners! Astonish your fellow employees with a highly embeddable, scalable and secure environment.

You'll see a demo of the BIRT/Hortonworks Sandbox, showcasing how you can gain instant insight into your Big Data, and then deliver those insights with a personalized analytics experience that everyone on your team can use. 

By the end of this TechTalk, you'll see:

  • How to leverage BIRT and Hadoop for your Big Data initiatives and successfully integrate with your existing data infrastructure, enabling you to build a modern data architecture
  • How common Hadoop use cases apply as well as a BIRT/Hadoop case study
  • A demo on how to use the BIRT/Hortonworks Sandbox to quickly filter through massive amounts of data; locate and gain insights into important information; and make these insights available to everyone in a scalable fashion

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