Eclipse IoT Technologies in Action

Actuate and Eurotech demonstration of Eclipse BIRT and Eclipse Kura

Measuring the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a key intelligence metric for retail, transportation, logistics and other industries. Correlating information such as real-time people patterns with other business metrics leads to powerful insights on sales conversion rate and optimized resource allocation and distribution.

At EclipseCon 2014, Actuate and Eurotech demonstrated how to combine a simple people counter data alongside various sensor data (temperature, carbon dioxide levels, etc.), which fed into a real-time dashboard that a manager could use to draw quick and logical conclusions about an event at a glance.

Actuate: The BIRT Company initiated and co-leads the open source Eclipse BIRT project, and provides value-added products to maximize BIRT implementations. BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) is a top-level Eclipse project and a modern open source data visualization technology. More than 3 million developers support BIRT projects.

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If you are a BIRT developer or someone interested in learning about the BIRT development environment, please check out the BIRT Developer Center: the definitive resource for all things BIRT.

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Eurotech solutions combine hardware, software, IoT middleware and device cloud services that drive business success. As a co-founder of the Eclipse IoT working group, Eurotech is a global leader in connecting distributed devices that make up the Internet of Things. Kura is an Eclipse project offering a Java/OSGi-based container for IoT applications running in service gateways. Kura provides the building blocks necessary to build and manage IoT applications effectively.


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