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Introducing BIRT iHub F-Type

The Free Commercial-Grade Report Server for OS BIRT
→ Get technology previously reserved for billion-dollar corporations.
→ Instantly supercharge your open source BIRT reports.
→ Reduce deployment time down to minutes
... Completely free for personal & business use!

Enhance your BIRT reports and web applications in 15 minutes with powerful features like:

  • Interactive Viewing

    Deliver rich, personalized, interactive content tailored to the tasks and needs of your users.

  • Multiple Export Formats

    Enable users to export content as native Live Excel *, XML, PDF, and MS Office formats.

  • Secure Sharing

    Protect data and secure information at the row level according to user permissions.

  • Flexible Scheduling

    Automate report generation based on time or events and notify users when reports are published.

  • Easy Integration

    Embed real-time, dynamic reports and data visualizations seamlessly into any web application with our extensive JavaScript API

  • Drag-and-Drop Dashboards

    Create drag-and-drop analytical and operational dashboards with Actuate’s professional companion designer tool.

“BIRT iHub F-Type provides the industry’s most complete and powerful deployment infrastructure for delivering BIRT content.”
—Mandira Srivastava, infoTECH Spotlight

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