Podcast - Big Data in the Mainstream: Insights for Everyone, Everywhere

CIO Audio Video On-Demand Podcast | Sponsored by Actuate

This podcast features Actuate's Allen Bonde, vice-president of product marketing and innovation and Stan Gibson, Senior Managing Editor for IDG Communications Strategic Marketing Services, CIO.com

Big Data is no longer a novelty. Your job in IT is to enable access to big data insights from any device in any location - visually and interactively. In this podcast you will learn why small data is important and how to embed insights into CRM and HRMS applications to reach a broad spectrum of decision-makers.

The podcast will cover

  • What Big Data initiatives need to deliver on its promise
  • Why data visualization is critical to avoid being overwhelmed by data
  • How scale and security are key foundations for reaching new users and applications
  • How the “small data” design philosophy can drive focus and agility
  • Where development teams need to focus to show ROI and deliver sustainable value from data investments


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