Perform Magazine - Volume 9, Issue 1

Perform Magazine

Perform Magazine Volume 9 Issue 1: What's inside
  • The Power of One: The technology platform behind BIRT Performance Analytics, ActuateOne offers one design, one server and one user experience.
  • A Competitive Advantage: Business Discovery applications alone don't translate into Performance Improvement. More functionality is clearly needed for true competitive advantage.
  • 15 Best Practices for Implementing Performance Improvement: Fifteen best practices add structure to the implementation process, creating a solid foundation for performance change.
  • BIRT Performance Analytics and Visualization Help Drive Innovative and Improved Accountability at Dubai Carmel School: Dubai Carmel School needed a tool to provide a global view of performance. They turned to BIRT Performance Analytics.
  • How to Choose a Technology Platform That Drives Real Business Improvement: Finding the right technology takes careful consideration and a clear idea of the challenges organizations face on their way toward business improvement.
  • How the Sacramento Utility District Realized Rapid ROI and Opened Up Communication: Looking for a solution that would help them focus their Performance Management efforts, SMUD turned to Actuate.
  • Drowning in Data: How marketing teams can see through the data, to move toward true Performance Improvement.
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups: The Data Versus Information Challenge: NHS South of Tyne a Wear finds cost savings and efficiencies for a new NHS procurement environment.
  • The Calculation Engine: Integral to BIRT Performance Analytics, the calculation engine automatically performs the necessary multi-dimensional calculations you need, so your users don't have to.
  • A Performance Improvement Assessment: Find out if you're getting everything you can out of your business performance.

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