GovLoop Industry Perspective: The Last Mile

The Last Mile

Delivering Meaningful Answers from Your Data

For government agencies, data has the potential to deliver tremendous benefits for the customers they serve, including civil servants, citizens and even other government agencies. However collecting, storing and processing the data isn't the complete journey. Data, whether big, small or somewhere in between, is only valuable when you can draw some meaningful conclusions from it.

This paper will explore:

  • The changing demands of the data-driven enterprise and the three trends that are changing the business of data
  • The tangible benefits of actionable, accessible data, including responsiveness, personalization and proactive decision making.
  • Which vehicle is going to be right for your agency and using open source as a key component to your solution

"In reality, it's the computers that like data - people prefer answers. If we focus on the answers, we'll be able to unlock the fourth V of Big Data, and that's value."

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