Learn Government Best Practices in Performance Management to track Operational Efficiencies: Performance Scorecards with Root Cause Analysis

Best Practices for Operational Efficiences - Root Cause Analysis for GovernmentImplementing a successful, holistic approach to operational performance management requires government organizations to break through interagency silos and define realistic, achievable goals and objectives that are directly linked to their mission and the demands of people they serve.

Join Actuate experts with over 15 years of Performance Management implementation experience as they share best practices on how organizations both adhere and refine best practices to help foster a performance culture where results are measured and managed to drive positive outputs and outcomes for their constituents. Learn tips and tricks of large scale implementations within government; what to look for, what to avoid, the pitfalls, and how to implement a performance management culture embraced by all users, at all levels of the agency.

Attend this web seminar to learn:
  • How to drive accountability and ownership with aligned strategic, objectives and performance goals
  • How BIRT Performance Analytics enables seamless drill-down to lower level transactional data to investigate the root cause of performance issues 
  • The benefits associated with automating your performance management processes 
  • How to reap the benefits of open source and BIRT - the unmatched speed of the development cycle; growing the functionality and utility of the product much faster than traditionally developed enterprise applications

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