Build BIRT Mashups and Dashboards in Your Applications

Application developers are constantly being asked to deliver data visualizations in new and innovative ways.

Watch this webinar to learn how a few simple lines of JavaScript can power and request live, dynamic BIRT content seamlessly within any HTML page, site, or application. The resulting Rich Information Application will stun and engage your users with new information that will improve their decision-making.

Reserve your spot today and learn:
  • Why BIRT is the technology of choice for developing and deploying rich interactive data visualization
  • How to build mashups and dashboards that address the complete spectrum of user needs in minutes
  • How to use the JavaScript API to easily add content, interactive reports, and Flash objects to mashups, portlets, or websites
  • How to free up development cycles to increase the functionality of the applications rather than modifying infrastructure of the applications rather than constantly modifying infrastructures

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