Forrester Analyst Whitepaper - Predictive Analytics: A Critical Capability Gaining Momentum Within Asia Pacific

forrester-analyst-whitepaper-screenshot-shadowAccording to "Predictive Analytics: A Critical Capability Gaining Momentum Within Asia Pacific", a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Actuate in Sep 2013, Predictive analytics enables firms to reduce risks, make intelligent decisions, and create differentiated, more personal customer experiences.

Predictive analytics might be as simple as determining that there is a 76% chance that a person will click on a particular display ad when placed in a certain screen location. Or it might be as complex as understanding the likely floating bond rate over a 20-to-50-year period. Predictive analytics can dramatically reduce risk, disrupt competitors, and save significant costs of operations.

Virtually every organization has some form of technology-supported predictive analytics capability, whether it's Excel spreadsheets on their desktops or enterprise-grade predictive analytics solutions to better predict outcomes and to assist in more proactive decision-making.

Download the paper to find out -

  • How this trend is picking up in Asia Pacific
  • Approach to using Predictive Analytics
  • Organisations' usage of Predictive Analytics
  • Views of Predictive Analytics usage between IT and Business Users

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