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Bring Your Data to Life

Many software applications don’t make their data come to life. It’s easy to understand why. Software supports a process or set of tasks. Data visualization isn’t its primary value-add. Paradoxically, though, it can make the application far more valuable to users.

We did the work for you

A lot of developers go the route of creating and embedding their own homegrown reporting into their apps. Not only is this an incredible workload to take on, but your mileage may vary in terms of results. Enterprise BI solutions are heavy, complex and are typically not readily embeddable into third-party products.

Actuate has always been the leader in providing embeddable data visualization and personalized analytics solutions. It took us several thousand man hours to code BIRT for maximum ease of development and elegant, seamless UI integration. If time to market is a key metric, you do not want to try to recreate what BIRT can do with custom programming.

What BIRT Can Do For You

With the BIRT development environment, organizations can add interactive, dynamic Web reports, dashboards and analytics that make the information in the application more accessible and usable, and provide end users with instant gratification, rather than frustration. The Actuate BIRT iHub platform allows organizations to seamlessly embed this functionality, and deploy it to any user community with unrivaled scalability, performance and reliability.

  • Drive revenues and speed adoption
  • Slash engineering and support costs
  • Speed time to market
  • Reduce risk and future-proof applications



BIRT and Actuate

Traditional BI and Analytics Systems

Custom-Developed Solutions 

Pure Open-Source Technologies  

Cost-effective software licensing





Scale to serve large user communities



Easy to customize and integrate




Cost-effective to develop and maintain





Extensive on-demand data access





Open technologies supported by multiple vendors



Limited indemnification and support risks





The Technologist’s Choice

Our OEM and SaaS customers consistently tell us that Actuate is the only analytics vendor that is able to seamlessly adopt the look and feel of their application, provide an intuitive and fully interactive end user experience, and offer a comprehensive set of APIs to all BI and reporting functionality. Actuate provides this in a product that features linear scalability and multi-tenancy to support any deployment size or type, whether on-premises, SaaS, hosted or in the cloud...

  • BIRT blends seamlessly into your application, providing a consistent user experience for your product.

  • BIRT’s JavaScript API is a full AJAX library which gives developers the flexibility to incorporate interactive analytics into any web application, and completely adopt its look and feel
  • Actuate’s pre-built dashboard technology is completely functional out-of-the-box, or it can be customized to suit the requirements of existing software
  • Actuate BIRT is the only BI platform that offers 100% API access to all functions—whether it’s for data access, UI development, security or server integration. This allows organizations to achieve any level of integration with existing applications.
  • Actuate BIRT can support any data type, from databases and data warehouses to flat files, XML, Hadoop and more. In addition, the Actuate Open Data Access (ODA) framework supports non-standard or proprietary data formats. There is no requirement to develop a custom data warehouse to use Actuate; this creates huge cost and time-to-market advantages.

Suited for SaaS

BIRT iHub provides OEMs with multiple options for seamless integration and deployment of customer-facing applications. If an organization provides software via a SaaS delivery model, or plans to do so, Actuate products offer an ideal architecture and platform. Our technology supports the deployment of custom analytics applications in on-premise, SaaS and PaaS scenarios across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

BIRT iHub includes elastic clustering and flexible licensing for cloud deployment.


  • Elastic clustering for cloud deployment
  • White Labeling via extensive API
  • Single Sign-on authentication
  • Cloud-friendly licensing
  • Cloud-ready data distribution
  • Multi-tenant deployment flexibility

The following customers have deployed Actuate BIRT products in a SaaS environment: