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Explore the videos and podcasts below to get the latest trends and best practices from leading industry experts include Forrester Research, Financial Insights, Actuate and more on topics in Business Intelligence, Open Source, Rich Internet Applications and Metrics Management.

Play ButtonPlay video: BIRT TV: Man on the Street at EclipseCon 2014
BIRT TV: Man on the Street at EclipseCon 2014
How has big data impacted your business processes? How will this data impact mobile? How important are reports and dashboards in your projects? What's the importance of embedding open source in your applications? What will be the big buzz word in 2014?

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Register to View: Eclipse IoT Technologies in Action
Eclipse IoT Technologies in Action: Actuate and Eurotech demonstration of Eclipse BIRT and Eclipse Kura
At EclipseCon 2014, Actuate and Eurotech demonstrated how to combine a simple people counter data alongside various sensor data (temperature, carbon dioxide levels, etc.), which fed into a real-time dashboard that a manager could use to draw quick and logical conclusions about an event at a glance.

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Play ButtonPlay video: Engage Your Customers with Analytics
Engage Your Customers with Analytics
Whether you're a BIRT developer, VP of marketing, enterprise content architect or the boss, the power and agility of BIRT, BIRT iHub and BIRT Analytics help you deliver flexible, personalized insights for your customers, partners and employees. From Actuate, the leader in personalized analytics and insights.

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Podcast: BIRT Interview with IBM's Andy Stanford-Clark
As organizations look for strategic direction on the Internet of Things (IoT), it's their developers who are likely to be the strongest advocates for sifting out which technologies and standards can provide the best competitive edge. Andy Stanford-Clark (@andysc) is the Chief Technologist for Smarter Energy in IBM’s consulting business and is also known for creating the IoT connectivity protocol, MQTT.

Actuate's Michael Singer got a chance to catch up with Stanford-Clark and chat about the Internet of Things and where developers should focus their efforts.

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Podcast - Big Data in the Mainstream: Insights for Everyone, Everywhere
This podcast features Actuate's Allen Bonde, vice-president of product marketing and innovation and Stan Gibson, Senior Managing Editor for IDG Communications Strategic Marketing Services, Big Data is no longer a novelty. Your job in IT is to enable access to big data insights from any device in any location - visually and interactively. In this podcast you will learn why small data is important and how to embed insights into CRM and HRMS applications to reach a broad spectrum of decision-makers.

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Actuate BIRT Podcast Series
Paul Clenahan, VP of Product Management, Actuate

Introduction & What is BIRT
Actuate BIRT Goes Beyond
BIRT Myths

How HealthNow New York Drivers Profitability and Operational Efficiencies with BIRT Performance Scorecard
John Katsoulis, Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Actuate

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How to Integrate the Best of Open Source and Business Intelligence
Jeff Morris,  Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Actuate

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Actuate for OEMs Series
Mark Gamble , Director, Product Marketing, Actuate

Top 10 Trends
Taking Information Applications to the Next Level

Gartner Web 2.0 Asset Management Podcast Series
David Schehr, Research Director, Investment Services, Gartner Industry Advisory Services

Key Recommendations
Delivering a New Level of Expectation

Financial Insights Business Banking Podcast Series
Jeanne Capachin, Research Vice President, Financial Insights

Turning the Model Upside Down
Increasing Engagement from Single Channel to Multi Channel