Actuate JavaScript API Workshop

Who Should Attend?
BIRT Report Developers

BIRT Designer experience, knowledge of HTML and JavaScript

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Course Description

This course covers using the JavaScript API to enhance web pages and BIRT reports. In a hands-on lab environment, students load BIRT design files into different viewers in a web page, incorporate specific data from a report into user interface elements, and generate dynamic scripted report content using BIRT Designer Professional.

Students work with some of the underlying technologies that an Actuate iServer web application uses, including HTTP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course also describes tasks related to the BIRT Designer Professional tools and interface. Each student receives a comprehensive course manual, which functions both as a workbook during class, and as a detailed reference guide once the class is completed.


  • Working with BIRT designs
  • Handling BIRT data
  • Controlling the user interface
  • Implementing session protocols and security
  • Using parameters
  • Using the BIRT Data Analyzer
  • Handling exceptions