Distance Learning - Developing a Customized BIRT Studio Environment

Who Should Attend?
Software Administrators, developers and power users

Familiarity with iServer, Actuate Information Console, Information Objects, and BIRT Report Designer Professional

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Course Description

Distance Learning is the web-based delivery vehicle for Actuate technical training.
In our Distance Learning classes, students remotely attend our regional classes. Distance Learning students will see and hear the instructor's presentations, participate in class discussions and can share their desktops with the instructor when needed. Students receive the course materials and instructions on how to join the web session the week before the class start date.

This training course develops the skills needed to configure and customize enterprise-mode BusinessReport Studio. Through presentations, demonstrations, and exercises, students are introduced to BusinessReport Studio and the different types of customization tasks. Students learn how to set up and customize BusinessReport Studio to meet the reporting needs of business users.

By the end of this two-day training, students will have learned how to create report templates on which users can base their reports, how to provide data that users can use in their reports, how to modify the appearance and functionality of BusinessReport Studio, and how to deploy multiple instances of Actuate iPortal and BusinessReport Studio to provide different reporting services to different groups of users.

  • Overview of BusinessReport Studio
  • Creating and publishing report templates
  • Creating and publishing information objects
  • Customizing the appearance of BusinessReport Studio
  • Configuring user access to volume contents
  • Customizing BusinessReport Studio functionality
  • Creating and integrating a custom data source