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BIRT iHub onDemand

Completely Managed Cloud based Smart SaaS BI Platform

BIRT onDemand is a hosted service of the BIRT iHub and its suite of visualizations including Dashboards, ad-hoc report Studio, and Interactive Viewer BIRT onDemand provides anyone, anywhere with immediate, on-demand content from a fully managed Actuate implementation. With BIRT onDemand, IT can easily and efficiently leverage pre-existing BIRT reports and designs, eliminating the need to recreate company assets.

BIRT onDemand is available now and can be accessed online. Once signed up, users have immediate access to the tools they need to view, refine and reuse their content in a secure and easy-to-navigate environment, whether it’s on the Web or on their own handheld device.

As a cloud-based software as a service, BIRT onDemand is for organizations who need Actuate to manage their BIRT iHub deployment. The service offers all the features of an on-premise installation of BIRT iHub, including its visualization suite, data integration and caching, security and user management functions.

Mobility through BIRT onDemand

A mobile client is already fully integrated with the BIRT onDemand experience. When a BIRT design or document is uploaded to an onDemand account, it can quickly be added to a mobile client via the document’s context menu. If a business already has an iHub, it’s easy to deploy BIRT content to mobile devices via pre-built viewers or directly to device browsers.

BIRT onDemand offers immediate ROI, is an easy-to-implement deployment option, and provides businesses and users with a flexible environment in which to build, deploy, access, view and manipulate BIRT-based content.

Features and benefits of BIRT onDemand can be realized in moments, as pre-existing BIRT reports and designs can be uploaded and accessed via the user friendly UI. Simply sign up for an onDemand account and go.

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Deploy BIRT content the way users want it
  • Delivers ready-made dashboards, interactive reports, and animated visualizations
  • Allows organizations to pre-package content built from existing BIRT reports to be presented in dynamic, user-configurable dashboards without coding
  • Reports can be saved as PowerPoint©, Excel©, PDF© or Word©
  • Allows free mobile access (iPhone©, iPod Touch©, iPad© and other mobile devices) to user-defined apps
  • Includes free web-based editing tools to customize BIRT content, including dashboard construction and interactive viewing.
Works with Open Source and Actuate BIRT
  • Supports both commercial and open source BIRT designs
  • Offers a free test drive of the hosted BIRT iHub platform (free trial limits feature set)
  • Provides up to five user accounts (trial)
  • Enables users to load documents and designs directly from the Eclipse IDE (using a publishing plug-in) into BIRT onDemand
BIRT onDemand provides instant analytics to end users

BIRT onDemand allows users to access a true self-service environment.

  • Execute and view reports, dashboards and analysis built in BIRT
  • Edit designs and data online using web tools by embedding DHTML on other web apps
  • Add geospatial visualizations, animated charting and gadgets to dashboards pre-built KPIs
  • Build, edit, update and interact with data using desktop and web tools such as BIRT Interactive Viewer and BIRT Studio
  • Enable mobile viewing of BIRT content from BIRT Mobile Viewers for iOS and Android, or directly from BIRT iHub within the browsers available on mobile devices.
  • Deploy Eclipse BIRT content instantly and inexpensively over the web.
  • Access the power of the BIRT iHub via BIRT onDemand’s intuitive web interface on any browser (including Safari©)
Configured for you, managed by Actuate
  • Provides Amazon RDS (Relational Data Store) for data storage and connectors to traditional, internet and cloud databases
  • Utilizes BIRT application server architecture in the cloud to deliver secure and reliable content
  • Includes account and user management features: folder management, report execution, scheduling, document sharing and secure data transfer and access
  • Offers one-click installation of select BIRT-exchange Marketplace applications into an existing BIRT onDemand account
  • Offers a variety of subscription options including per-user and per independent instance for increased privacy, performance and security.