Big Data Analytics
for the Business Professional

Explore Billions of Rows with Instant response times - no IT required
  • All Your Data in a Single View
    Easy and fast integration of large, heterogeneous data. From CRM to ERP, Social Media, Web Logs or Demographic Data.
  • Instant Response Times Against Big Data
    Fast DB columnar database allows high performance with real big data analyzing hundreds of tables, billions of records in a matter of seconds.
  • Visual Interface Designed for Exploration
    From data to advanced insights in minutes in a one-step approach. Segment, profile and predict with user-friendly, drag & drop functionalities.
  • Powerful Algorithms and Built-in Statistical Insights
    Enable users with no statistical background to run deep analytics with pre-built algorithms such as decision trees, association rules, forecasting, Venn diagrams or correlations.
  • No Data Scientist or Statisticians are Required
    No cubes, No SQL, No need for data pre-processing, modeling or coding. Enable your entire organization to make informed decisions at the right time.
  • Cost-effective and Time Saving
    Cut your BI spend in half by reducing infrastructure costs, freeing up IT resources, lowering expenses associated with renewals and maintenance and eliminating pre-processing and OLAP maintenance costs altogether.

Experience the Power of Big Data Analytics, formerly BIRT Analytics: Watch this Demo

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